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Estimate the height of a tall tree



Step 1 - Hold a stick from about 25 cm (10 inch) at 50 cm (one armlength = 20 inch) from your face

Step 2 - Go forwards / backwards; keep looking at the stick and the tree

estimatingStep 3 - When it seems so that the stick is as long as the tree, count your footsteps (100 cm) from this point of view to the tree, i.g. 32steps

Step 4 - One footstep = two armlenghts, so double your footsteps (makes 2 x 32= 64)


Step 5 - One stick is a quarter of one metre. If you wanna know the estimate height of the tree, take the quarter of the total armlenghts (16 metres).

For the students of De Meerbrug was this the first time that they used this method. 28 students from 5-6 grade tried it. The average height of the tree in front of our school was 16 metres.

5-6 grade measurement


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