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I am studying at the Ichthus Hogeschool in Rotterdam, section Education. I follow a part-time course for teacher primary school. My term paper is about Computers on Primary Schools. The subtitle is: pupils make contact with other pupils, all over the world. This means that my term paper aggravated to the role of Internet in Education. My term paper includes this term paper, self-written manuals for my pupils, a summary of their work and this homepage. Here follows a shortened version of the introduction of my term paper; for more information you can contact me.


My first goal/aim was to make a term paper which was above all for practical use. I started in August 1996 to think about the idea how I could let my pupils work with computers. It seemed to me as a wonderfull idea that my pupils could make friends all over the world. So I wanted to make a term paper about the role of Internet.

This was my second goal/aim: to let my pupils on a playful / educational manner work with new information technologies.

The role of Internet was my third goal/aim: bymeans of this new technologies the pupils will learn more about similarities and difference in culture, flora and fauna, etc. between two (or more!) countries.

But first I had no idea how I could realize this idea. Then I met Ian Irvine from New Zealand. He knew that his sister in Sydney was setting up a project about Trees and Forests all over the world. I mailed to his sister Judith Bennet from the Elanora Heights Primary School. We got a wonderfull email-contact. Through her project I could work on my third goal/aim. And so could my pupils! My pupils learned a lot about the pollard-willow, Spaarnwoude, The Haarlemmermeer. But they also learned a lot about Australia, Sydney, kangaroos and so one. This homepage is a summary of all the work we did the last months.

My pupils did not have much experience with PC's. On four free Wednesday afternoons I could use the computers of the Volksuniversiteit of Haarlem (open university). I give many conputer courses for the Volksuniversiteit. And now I could let my pupils work on the computers, without charge. (Thank you, Cora van Zanten!). So many of my pupils were in the opportunity to learn more about computers. On my practical days at De Meerbrug I brought my own Internetcomputer with me. Now my pupils know much about computers, about Internet and they love to chat with Mrs. Judith from Sydney and Michelle from the USA.

Of course there are many persons who I want to thank; a few persons deserve to be mentioned by name:

Jan van der Meer - my term paper accompanist of the Ichthus Hogeschool

Judith Bennet - for all her enthusiasm, her evotion to the project, for the many (!) emails we sent to each other, for all the chat-moments with my pupils and me, and all her answers to the questions of my pupils.

Carla and Michelle Chapman - for their perseverance when my pupils could not make contact with Michelle. Michelle is the first emailfriend of my pupil Kim.

Cora van Zanten and the Volksuniversity

Frank - my son (9 years); he tested all my self-written manuals (and earned a lot of money ;-)) )and my wife Joke.

Bart Buys and Rineke Hut - and all the other teachers from De Meerbrug

The pupils of grade 5-6 (groep 7-8) and their parents

All my chatfriends (see my chat-fun-homepage:


Haarlem, april 1997
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photo RenéMy name is René de Vries. I am married with Joke and we have one son, Frank (9 jaar). I am 41 years old and I am the owner of a small company (Photography, DeskTop Publishing and courses software-applications). I have 16 years experience working with children / youth (8 - 20 years old). The last view years I give many softwarecourses for companies, individuals and children. Teaching means fun for me, I like to do it very much. That is the reason why I follow a course Teacher Primary School. Two times a week I have to follow this in Rotterdam, at the Ichthus Hogeschool . I hope to graduate in the first week of July. According to my schoolresults this won't be a problem. After that? If the choice is on me, I will start in August 1997 as a Teacher Primary School. My preference is to become a teacher from grade 5-6. So if you know a vacancy...

I like to surf through Cyberspace; regular chatters know me under the nickname digifoto or fotodigi or digi-photo. More about this -and about my hobbies and other inanities *ROFL*- you will find on my chat-homepage.

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