De Meerbrug

Opening of this Homepage on April 10, 1997

Live pictures of the opening

Grade 5-6 of De Meerbrug

grade 5-6 / groep 7-8

(schoolphoto published with oral permission of the photographer from Fotostudio Fred v. Batum)

Photos of the opening:

At 1:15 pm we had a great chat with Mrs. Judith Bennet in our chatroom. Our kids wanted to welcome Judith, as you can see. The kids made caps, music-instruments and had many whistles. Judith could hear them at the other side of our planet ;-))
1:19 pm . this video-photo shows that our kids had great fun. At the back you see our teacher, Mrs. Rineke Hut. Normally she has a head *ROFL*.
1:24 pm . After a drawing of lots, this boy openend the homepage by tearing a ribbon. A pity that the photo is not sharp. But maybe (if you have a closer look) you will see him also in the monitor of the computer
1:27 pm . Mrs. Rineke treated cyberlemonade, cybersweets and so on. One of my pupils played a song on her Sax. Dutch children know the song: Ik ben vandaag zo vrolijk, zo vrolijk, zo vrolijk (Today I am happay, so happy, so happy)

In the back of the picture you see a reporter of a newspaper.
1:33 pm . Meanwhile Joyce (a cyberfriend of René) had joined the cyberparty, so the kids also welcomed her.

We had a good chat with Joyce and Judith, and then the reporter had some questions, so we had a break for about 10 minutes. Joyce and Judith gossiped about everything you can imagine (*SMILE*) as we could follow in the chatroom.
2:01 pm . After the official opening the kids could see and hear their own photos and voices. For Judith and Joyce we made a picture of the first group of children, with Mr. René in front. The smiles were for J&J.
2:17 pm . After J&J had left the chatbox, other groups of children of grade 5-6 had a look at the homepage, particulary to see their own photos of the opening and to hear their voices. The girl at the right had more attention for the monitor because she could see herself.
2:33 pm . Of course the Sax. had to be on the photo too. The girl at the left makes a V-sign with her fingers. But because she did it on the boy's head, it means in Holland that the boy is according to her opinion a rabbit or hare. Just for fun of course. (Many children in Holland tease each other -or their parents- this way ==> humour)
2:44 pm . The boy in the front will become famous in Holland. In May he goes to Norway to make a television-programm. Here in Holland we have a children-programm called "Geef nooit op" (don't give up): children's whishes will be fulfilled. Of course we won't say what his whish is: just watch TV! (or email). The boy at the left had won the school-chess-match.
14:58 pm . Of course the other teacher of grade 5-6, Mr. Bart Buys, wanted also on the photo with the final group. And Mrs. Karin (teacher of grade 1 -groep 3) found it fun to join in.

You will understand that we don't mentioned the names of the children, just for security reasons.

Hear the voices of our pupils!

(read and listen also on the Elfjes-page)

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